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Hybrid Dual Master of Social Work/Master of Education, Human Sexuality Studies

This is the case in Michigan, where legislators are attempting to enact a voucher system for students in struggling districts. Districts that want to keep their funding and their students will need to have excellent teachers to do so. This has led to a statewide push for an increase in teaching standards and new hiring...

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Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)-Accounting ...

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About the Program

This unique degree program, delivered at the honours level, provides a comprehensive education in accounting, audit, and information technology to produce graduates who possess the skills needed in the global business environment. The program addresses the need for professional accountants and auditors with information...

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Bachelor of Science in Health Policy and Administration

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Online Bachelor of Science in Health Policy and Administration (HPA)

The field of health care continues to expand in response to ever-evolving�regulations, dynamic technology, rising costs, and an increase in the number of patients. Health care professionals with the educational background to meet these challenges are in high demand. A bachelor's degree in HPA can...

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Master's degree - Wikipedia

Historical development[ edit ]

Medieval era to 18th century[ edit ]

The master's degree dates back to the origin of European universities, with a Papal bull of 1233 decreeing that anyone admitted to the mastership in the University of Toulouse should be allowed to teach freely in any other university. The original meaning of the master's degree was thus that someone who had been admitted to the...

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40 Best Sports Management Schools | 2018 Rankings

PR specialist


Graduates work in a huge variety of settings - from university athletic departments to country clubs, resorts and theme parks - and take on dizzying area of tasks. Talk to your school's alumni and mentors about which courses and internships will improve your employment options.

Master's Degree in Sports Management

A master's degree in sports management is a 1-3 year...

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Top 10 Online Healthcare Administration Degree Programs ...

The field of health care is a growing one and as the current population ages, demands for services from a variety of institutions and agencies will continue to increase. Pursuing an online healthcare administration degree can open up doors of opportunity for graduates to work in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. All the schools on this list of top 10 online colleges for health care offer a...

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Professional MBA (PMBA) | Naveen Jindal School of Management

Professional Evening Cohort MBA Program

Class of 2019


Aniket received his Bachelor of Technology degree in Civil Engineering from V.J.T.I, University of Mumbai, India in 2011. After graduation, he enrolled in the Masters in Environmental Engineering program at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. He is currently employed by Trinity Consultants, Inc. as a Senior...

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Arts Administration | Graduate Admissions | Drexel University



Applicants who apply by January 15th will be given priority consideration for graduate assistantships. Applications received beyond this date will be considered for graduate assistantships if funds remain available. Applications are continually reviewed throughout the cycle.

For details regarding the items below please review the Admission Application Instructions .

Graduate Admission...

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Online Teaching and Education Degrees | Teacher.org

Master's in Adult Education

Adult education is a field that can offer a wide variety of options within the education realm. Those specializing in adult education can work with individuals who are company leaders, those who are trying to earn a GED or college education, and all over 18 who fall in between. An adult educator is typically required to hold at least a Master's degree, but a doctorate...

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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham - Wikipedia

The three schools offer B.Tech, M.Tech and PhD degree programs and the Kochi campus offers M.Tech in Nano-Medicine, Molecular Medicine and Nanotechnology and Renewable Energy.

Amrita School of Business[ edit ]

The school offers a residential two-year MBA degree program. In addition, it offers a dual degree program leading to an MS in information technology and MBA in collaboration with State...

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Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration - Seton ...

July 1 for Fall Semester

On-Campus Certificate Program

August 1 for Fall Semester

December 1 for Spring Semester

Program Faculty

Seton Hall's healthcare administration faculty are doctorally prepared professors within the School of Health and Medical Sciences. They understand the needs of adult and non-traditional students and will work closely with you to help you advance your...

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Seminole State College of Florida - Wikipedia

Seminole State College of Florida

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"Seminole State" redirects here. For the institution of higher education in Oklahoma, see Seminole State College (Oklahoma) .

Seminole State College of Florida

Former names

Seminole State College of Florida is a public state college with four campuses in Central Florida , United States . Seminole...

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Best Affordable Healthcare Administration Degree Online ...

It offers a reliable and affordable bachelors in healthcare administration.

7. Hodges University


Hodges University is a top online college that was ranked one of the most affordable schools in the country by OnlineU in 2014. The curriculum for the school's Health Services Administration degree is innovative and flexible so that students can choose the schedule that best suits them....

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Academics - Baruch College - The City University of New ...


We offer undergraduate and graduate programs through our three schools:

The Zicklin School of Business , the largest accredited collegiate school of business in the United States, offering nationally-ranked...

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MBA in Healthcare Administration, Tiffin, USA. Campus or ...

Tiffin University

The Tiffin University MBA: Positioning You For Results & Success

The Tiffin University Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program is distinguished by a focus on developing competencies in communication skills, leadership and teamwork, information technology, and problem-solving. A distinguished faculty leads a rich and diverse student body through current issues in...

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Accredited Online Colleges: Find the Best Schools of 2018

See the benefits of online education for disabled students. While traditional brick-and-mortar colleges and universities may help accomodate students with disabilities, accredited online colleges ...

< >

Chances are, if you are considering higher education in this day and age, you have encountered just as many online learning options as traditional programs throughout your research. As...

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American Online Universities :- Top Online Universities

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American Online Universities

This site has a comprehensive list of top online universities, where you can earn Accounting , Criminal Justice , MBA , Nursing , HR Management , Business Administration , and many other degrees online.

Top Online Universities in USA

Ashford Online University

Experience a new way of...

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Academics | Johns Hopkins University

Doctoral Full-time In-person

School of Medicine

The F.A.E. Graduate Program provides individualized attention for each student. All students are required to engage in independent research, and a laboratory research rotation under faculty guidance begins soon after their arrival. Research may involve our large collection of fossil vertebrates, our broad array of casts of recent and fossil mammal...

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Business Administration–Management & Marketing at South ...

BAMM Program Coordinator / Full-time Instructor

State College Main Campus

Mike Gates, Program Coordinator for Business Administration: Management & Marketing, has been an instructor at South Hills since 2002.

Mike is a graduate of Penn State University, and served as Vice-President of Sales for Schoolwires, a nationally recognized website developer for K-12 school systems, along with being a...

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Online and Continuing Education at UMass Lowell

Online & Continuing Education is celebrating 21 years of offering online education. Wish us a "Happy Birthday" and be entered to win a 21 years celebration care package. Learn more

Applied Behavior Analysis - Autism

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Applied Behavior Analysis - Autism

Award-winning graduate certificate programs in applied behavior analysis - Study behavioral intervention in autism or prepare for the...

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Health Administration Degree Programs | GoAbroad.com

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A Guide to Health Administration Degrees Abroad

Healthcare administration can be a highly complex field of study, as you learn how to manage the interests of patients, suppliers, �medical professionals, insurance companies, and a variety of other stakeholders. By earning your health administration degree abroad you will be one step closer to untangling the maze and making your...

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