Sullivan, Chapter 6 Managing and Improving Quality - Quizlet

Rationale 1: Most quality improvement programs are client focused.

Rationale 2: Data drive most quality improvement programs.

Rationale 3: One of the Six Sigma themes is aiming for perfection but tolerating failure.

Rationale 4: Proactive management is common in most quality improvement initiatives.

Global Rationale:

Client Need: Safe Effective Care Environment

Client Need Sub: Management of...

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Healthcare Reb. Final Flashcards | Quizlet



"Under Medicare prospectie payment system for skilled nurising facilities, which healthcare service is excluded from the consolidated payment?"

Radiation Therapy

What tool does CMS require that skilled nursing facilities use to collect and to report clinical data on residents?

Minimum Data Set (MDS)

What tool does the SNF PPS use to annually adjust the base rate for differences in...

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