14 Best Online Colleges for Healthcare Administration in 2017

A career in healthcare administration involves management of a health care facility, such as a hospital, physician's office, nursing home, or outpatient care center, or a specific department in a large facility. An administrator's main goal is to provide high-quality care in the most efficient way possible. This involves knowing about patient care, business operations, problem solving,...

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Hospital Administration in INDIA | Hotfrog INDIA

Hospital Administration

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Are you looking for Hospital Administration? Hotfrog showcases more than 50 popular businesses related to Hospital Administration! To find more business related to Hospital Administration, use the left navigation menu.

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2-year PG Diploma in Hospital & Health Management

- 03/02/2011

The Institute offers a two-year...

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Master of Health Administration | SIU

Home / Graduate / Master of Health Administration

Master of Health Administration

The online Master of Health Administration (MHA) program is designed for individuals who have successfully completed an undergraduate program of study in an associated field to allied health, healthcare management, business, or a closely related / equivalent field. The online MHA program is specifically tailored to...

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Top Master's in Healthcare Programs

How To Find the Top Master's In Healthcare Administration Degree Programs

All colleges that offer master's in healthcare administration are not equal. It is wise to set a few benchmarks to narrow your search and find the best degree programs for you. The most important benchmark of all is accreditation, which is an official recognition that is awarded only to institutions with the highest...

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Top 9 Online Bachelor’s in Health Informatics ...

Health informatics is one of the fastest growing career fields in healthcare. A number of accredited colleges and universities now offer online health informatics degree programs. We've put together this rankings of some of the best online Bachelor's degrees in Health Informatics to help you find the right program for your budget and needs. You can read more about rankings methodology here...

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UAE Dubai Campus | Masters in Health Management | RCSI ...

United Arab Emirates >

United Arab Emirates

The RCSI was established over 220 years ago and has a worldwide reputation for delivering excellent undergraduate and postgraduate education in the healthcare professions. Our programmes are accredited by the National University of Ireland and by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) on behalf�of the Ministry of Higher Education and...

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Healthcare Management Bachelor's Degree - Rasmussen College

Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations

Quality Improvement in Healthcare

Regulation and Compliance in Healthcare

Healthcare Planning and Policy Management

Healthcare Information Systems

Advanced Healthcare Law and Ethics

International Healthcare

This course is a study of the characteristics and functions of project management, team building, and facilitation. It places focus on project...

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Online Healthcare Management Administration MBA Degree

Healthcare Administration MBA Degree

Enroll in the Online Healthcare Administration Master's Degree Concentration

Whether you are looking for a change in pace in your career, or you are already working in the healthcare field, the AACSB-accredited online MBA Healthcare Administration program at Marist College will help you gain an understanding of the bigger picture of the healthcare...

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Healthcare Administration | Graduate School

Master of Healthcare Administration


The Department of Health Informatics and Administration offers the Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) to provide evidence-based training in micro and macro theory and practice to advance the health of individuals and communities--local, national, and international. The program enables students to understand the complex interrelationships between...

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Top 30 Internships in Healthcare Management

30 Top Internships in Healthcare Management and Administration

Abbott Laboratories Internship

Program Website

The various internship opportunities offered by Abbott gives interns a chance to participate in meaningful project efforts and make significant contributions to the business and to global health care needs. Interns also gain experiential, professional experience and exposure to the...

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Continuing Education Credits | Health.mil

Continuing Education Credits

The Immunization Healthcare Branch (IHB) has coordinated Continuing Education (CE) credits for a variety of training courses.

The courses currently offering CE credits include:

Standards for Quality Immunization Practice Course (SQIPC)

We have partnered with the U.S. Army Nurse Corps Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) Program to offer CNE credits for completion of our...

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MSc Quality and Safety in Healthcare Management

MSc Quality and Safety in Healthcare Management (IOL) >

MSc Quality and Safety in Healthcare Management


The MSc in Quality & Safety in Healthcare has been developed to masters level to respond to an increasing demand for continuing professional education and development for healthcare professionals working in today's complex health system.

Graduates of this programme will be better able to ensure the delivery...

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Online Masters in Healthcare Administration Programs

Online Masters in Health Administration Programs

(found programs from 83 schools)

Below is a list of all of the Online Masters in Health Administration Programs we could find, from over 570 schools across the US.

go to school listings

A number of well-regarded universities and colleges offer courses to earn your Masters of Health Administration online. Many of these degree courses are designed...

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MBA Healthcare Management - Florida Tech Online

Get the Program Guide


Our Master of Business Administration with a Specialization in Healthcare Management provides you with a comprehensive understanding of business and in-depth knowledge of 21st century healthcare issues. This program, offered 100% online, is geared toward the medical aspects of information management and covers a variety of subjects, including managerial economics, healthcare policy and legal responsibility.

What You'll Learn

In this MBA in Healthcare Management program, you will learn how to apply emerging theories of effective leadership, management and...

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Health information management - Wikipedia

Health information managers[ edit ]

Professional health information managers manage and construct health information programs to guarantee they accommodate medical, legal, and ethical standards. They play a crucial role in the maintenance, collection, and analyzing of data that is received by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare players. In return these healthcare data contributors rely on the...

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RHIT Certification & Degrees Guide - CAHIIM Accredited ...

RHIT Certification

Professionals holding the RHIT credential are health information technicians who:

Ensure the quality of medical records by verifying their completeness, accuracy, and proper entry into computer systems.

Use computer applications to assemble and analyze patient data for the purpose of improving patient care or controlling costs.

Often specialize in coding diagnoses and...

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Types of Degrees in Healthcare » Online Health Degrees

Types of Degrees in Healthcare

The world of online education has made obtaining a healthcare degree easier than ever! There are so many options out there for all levels of education. If you like helping people and have a sense of science and a curiosity in the medical world, than a healthcare degree may be perfect for you!

The following is a guide of the different types of degrees you can...

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Healthcare Administration - jobs.uncw.edu

Main UNCW Campus

Brief Summary of Work for this Position:

The School of Health and Applied Human Sciences, within the College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW), seeks a creative and visionary leader for an open rank, nine-month tenure-track position in the School's proposed Masters of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program beginning August...

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Quantum | Advantage Inc.

Cost of Living


Quantum Advantage has now joined the J.L. Powers Staffing family! We are excited about this new chapter for both companies. Learn more about J.L. Powers Staffing at www.jlpowersstaffing.com .?�



A career in healthcare offers a promising future, job stability and good salaries. As technology advances and the American population ages, the...

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Master of Health Administration - The Ohio State University

Choosing the MHA at Ohio State

"My overall experience in the MHA program was beyond words. What the alumni did for me as a student helped me to represent myself and The Ohio State University at Akron Children's in the highest manner. As an alum, I hope I can have that same impact on current students."

- Vish Bhatt, Class of 2014

��Operations Manager (Hematology/Oncology)

Akron Children's...

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Ethics in Health Services Management, Fifth Edition ...

Editorial Reviews


**Description** This brief primer on major ethical issues facing those in health services management positions updates the 2005 fourth edition. **Purpose** The purpose is to introduce students of health services management and those already in management positions to major ethical issues that they may face in the field. It seeks to provide an opportunity for managers to...

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2017 Accredited Online Medical Billing and Coding Schools

Annual Tuition here." data-interactive="true">$24,897

Academic Strength 73%

Find an Online Degree:

Online Medical Billing & Coding Degree Overview & Career Information

Certificates take about one year to complete and include courses in popular coding systems, medical software, medical terminology, and insurance and reimbursement. Students learn how to translate medical diagnoses into codes that...

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The 25 Best Bachelor’s in Health Informatics Online Degree ...

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Information Management and Technology

The University of Wisconsin is a nationally ranked institution that offers a fully online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Information Management and Technology. Students can expect a quality and affordable education in this program, as the program is not only nationally renowned but it is also the second most affordable...

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Top Affordable Online Health Informatics Degree Programs ...

This online health informatics undergraduate degree is labeled a "2+U" program, meaning it is ideal for transfer students, those with an associate's degree, or professionals who already have some level of certification. Whether you opt for the traditional route or choose to go to college online, you are bound to have a good experience; the school reports a 100% satisfaction rating from graduates...

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Healthcare Administration Salary and Job Opportunities 2016

Healthcare Administration Salary

What is a Healthcare Administrator?

The field in which a healthcare administration operates is the field that is linked to subjects such as management, leadership and the right administration of systems involving health, health care, hospitals, and their networks. With other words, the professional that has to deal with these kinds of tasks and daily duties is...

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Bachelor of Science Degrees in Health Services Administration

Bachelors in Health Administration Programs

(found programs from 275 schools)

We've compiled the most complete directory on the Web of Bachelors in Health Administration programs. It contains all the nationally accredited programs, from 275 schools across the country. Scroll down to see the listings.

go to school listings

The field of health administration is growing fast, and so is demand for...

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Embracing the Future: New Times, New Opportunities for ...

Embracing the Future: New Times, New Opportunities for Health Information Managers

Summary Findings from the HIM Workforce Study

Print version

Health information management (HIM) is the profession dedicated to the effective management of patient information and healthcare data needed to deliver quality treatment and care to the public. The fundamentals of the HIM profession continue to evolve...

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Best Online Associate in Healthcare Administration Programs

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What Else Can I Expect From an Online Associate in Healthcare Administration Degree Program?

Mixing business skills into a healthcare atmosphere, online colleges for medical office administration help provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to work in hospitals, doctor offices, nursing homes, and more. Individual online associate programs vary...

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Affordable Online Master's in Healthcare Administration 2018

By Iris Stone

Updated July 2016

There's a reason that getting a healthcare administration master's degree online is so popular. First, there has been a remarkable surge in the need for healthcare managers in the past several years, as medical facilities - and the number of patients for whom they provide care - grow in size.

Featured Programs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics corroborates this claim...

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Top 30 U.S. Healthcare Careers That Don’t Require A ...

Top 30 U.S. Healthcare Careers That Don't Require A Graduate Degree

Healthcare is big business in the United States. The American Hospital Association reports over 5,000 registered hospitals in the US �and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states over 18 million people work in healthcare, with women representing nearly 80% of those employees.�But, before you think the majority of...

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Long Term Care Administration | Jobs, Salary and Degree ...

Health Administration Careers in Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities and Hospices

Long-term care administrators have a strong influence on the quality of healthcare services available to America's aging population and others in need of long term care, providing quality leadership in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and similar environments where skilled nursing is required. These...

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ATC Catalog - Health Sciences

Pre-Allied Health Certificate

The Pre-Allied Health Certificate program provides students with the general academic background required to be successful in a variety of health care related fields. It is also designed to prepare students to meet prerequisites for admission into several health care specialty programs at ATC. Students will earn credits that help meet specific program prerequisites...

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10 Best Schools for Masters in Healthcare Administration ...

10 Best Schools for Masters in Healthcare Administration Degree Programs in the World

10 Best Schools for Masters in Healthcare Administration Degree Programs in the World

Sponsored School

Featured Programs:

Saint Josephs University - MS in Health Administration

Healthcare is one of the biggest industries in the United States and the world. Many professionals are reaching retirement age in the...

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Job Profile: Hospital Administrator - Top Master's in ...

Job Profile: Hospital Administrator

Hospitals are large, bustling care centers that provide essential medical and surgical treatment around-the-clock for sick or injured patients. At the top of hospital's interdisciplinary workforce of trained healthcare personnel stands the people responsible for keeping the daily operations running smoothly - hospital administrators. Depending on the size of...

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Health Administration MBA | Business School | University ...

The MBA in Health Administration at CU�Denver's Business School is a degree program designed for the health�professional who would like to add an MBA to their skill set. It prepares you for senior and C-level management in the health care industry.

The program teaches analytic and decision-making processes used by top-level executives in selecting broad strategies and by managers in...

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Masters in Health Administration in Georgia

Helping you choose the right Master's Degree in Health Administration

Master's in Health Administration Degrees in Georgia

As the national demand for qualified health services managers continues to skyrocket by 23% to accommodate the increased need for healthcare, it's a wise idea for students to consider earning one of the Master's in Health Administration degrees in Georgia. Well-known for...

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Health Administration Graduate Programs Online ...

Health Administration Graduate Programs Online

Health Administration Online M.S. | Saint Joseph's University

M. Michelle Rowe, Ph.D. Executive Director, Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support

Best Health Care Management Programs | Health Care Management ...

Seeking a health care management degree? ... including hospitals, health insurance companies and nursing homes. These are the top...

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Health Information Management - Indiana University Northwest

Health information management (HIM) professionals manage healthcare data and information resources. The profession encompasses planning, collecting, aggregating, analyzing, and disseminating individual patient and aggregate clinical data.

A career in health information management combines the disciplines of medicine, information management, and computer technology within the health care...

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Health Information Technology — CPCC

Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology (HIT) is a combination of business, sciences, and information technology. It involves caring for patients by caring for their medical data. HIT professionals are responsible for the quality, integrity, and protection of patients' health information and ensure that health information is classified and standardized for clinical, financial, and legal uses in healthcare.

The HIT curriculum prepares individuals with the knowledge and skills to process, analyze, abstract, compile, maintain, manage, and report health information. The HIT Program at CPCC is fully accredited by the Commission on...

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Online MHA Programs | CSU-Global Campus

Enjoy working with technology and compliance regulations

Have an adaptable personality

Your leadership role in healthcare administration awaits you. Gain the knowledge and skills required to be an effective manager in the public and private healthcare sector.

Degree Optimization

We provide students with career-relevant resources to help them succeed outside of the classroom. That's why we created...

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Global Healthcare Management MSc | Coventry Univer...

The impetus for the MSc Global Healthcare Management programme stems from recognition, nationally and internationally, of the need to build leadership and management capabilities for those wishing to pursue careers within health care, social care and third sector organisations.

Take our virtual tour

Its rationale stems from the recognition, nationally and globally of the unique challenges and...

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MBA in Health Care Management | Online Courses | GulfTalent

Guglielmo Marconi University, UK (US & European Accredited)

Course content

This MBA structure consists of 2 parts and includes 6 core modules and a final dissertation, modules listed below: PGDIBM/101 International Human Resource Management PGDIBM/102 Operations Management PGDIBM/103 Strategic Change Management PGDIBM/104 International Marketing Management PGDIHRM/105 Healthcare Management and Leadership PGDIHRM/106 Healthcare Operations Management HCMMBA/107 Dissertation

About Course...

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10 Most Affordable Online Medical Billing and Coding ...

The role of a trained medical biller and coder cannot be underestimated. The accurate and prompt assignment of ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) and CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes is key to the accuracy of patient records and reimbursement.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this career has an estimated 15% job growth expectation between 2014-2024 and the...

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Florida International University Online’s Bachelor of ...

Our fully online Bachelor of Health Services Administration qualifies graduates for entry-level management positions in a variety of health related organizations or for further education at the graduate level.��Healthcare needs talented individuals to fill a growing need for professionals within the system - that of the Health Services Administrator.�

FIU's BHSA program is one of the...

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Top 10 Online Healthcare Administration Degree Programs ...

The field of health care is a growing one and as the current population ages, demands for services from a variety of institutions and agencies will continue to increase. Pursuing an online healthcare administration degree can open up doors of opportunity for graduates to work in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. All the schools on this list of top 10 online colleges for health care offer a...

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Top Online Medical Assistant Programs & Schools for 2017

High school diploma; certificate (9 months to a year) recommended


$28,900 (Lowest 10% earned less than $20,810; highest 10% earned more than $40,190)




In addition to the administrative duties that all medical assistants perform, specialized medical assistants complete clinical tasks in specific areas of medicine. For example, ophthalmic...

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MBA in Hospital Management | Healthcare Management

Give your career the ICRI Edge!

ICRI Health

ICRI Health as pioneer in the field of Health Care Management related education, training, accreditation, research and consultancy will provide value added innovative tailor-made healthcare industry related world class courses which will enhance knowledge, expertise and create employment opportunities of aspiring candidates and executives in India &...

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Case Management Knowledge | CCMC’s Case Management Body of ...

The case management knowledge framework consists of what case managers need to know to effectively care for clients and their support systems. It includes a nine-phase Case Management Process and seven essential knowledge domains applicable in any care or practice setting and for the various healthcare professionals who assume the case manager's role.

Definition of Case Management

There is no one...

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Top 10 Online DHA (Doctor of Health Administration ...

Published March 2016

In this article, we highlight the top 10 online DHA (Doctor of Health Administration) programs for 2016.

First introduced in the late 90s, the doctor of health administration degree is an advanced professional doctorate in health administration, management, or leadership. The goal of a DHA degree program is to prepare health professionals to become leaders and problem solvers...

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Health Information Management Degree Programs Online ...


3. Complete the form below to download your FREE program brochure.

UIC's Health Information Management programs equip students with an in-depth understanding of cutting-edge practices and methodologies, while applying real-world experiences to make a seamless transition from degree to profession.

100% online to fit your busy schedule

Graduate from a university with the nation's largest medical...

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