Houston Health Information Management Training | San ...

Our program trains you for a wide variety of functions, from patient interaction to handling the analysis, security, integration and management of health information.

Accredited By:

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Health Information Management Program of San Jacinto College is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).

Be Sought After by Employers

Upon graduation; students are eligible to apply to...

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Health Information Management Technology

Gwinnett Tech's Health Information Management�Technology (HIMT) program provides a strong foundation of skills used to keep vital records and manage technical systems for the healthcare system. According to Select Georgia, Georgia is becoming a hub for healthcare information technology companies. As data collection, analysis and dissemination becomes increasingly vital to the healthcare and...

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44 Best Health Administration Schools | 2018 Rankings

Denver, Colorado

The Business School at the University of Colorado in Denver offers a Master of Science in Health Administration degree. Students accepted to the program follow a curriculum that covers a wide range of relevant topics including healthcare financial management, quality and process improvement, legal and ethical environment of business, and applied economics for managers. Courses...

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Health Information Technology AAS Degree

Two year program

Enter the workforce quickly

Full program offered at LSC-North Harris

Partial program offered at LSC-Online

Health Information Technology Department


The Health Information Technology (HIT) associate of applied science degree is designed to prepare graduates for entry level employment as health information technicians.

Registered health information technicians perform...

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Health Care Management | Pensacola State College

The BAS degree in Business and Management concentration in Health Care Management provides access to the student who already has skills in a health care provider field and wishes to advance to higher level supervisory and management positions in health care. The upper-level coursework in this concentration broadens the student's knowledge in health care management practices and prepares...

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Health Care Administration Programs | Graduate.com

Health Care Administration Programs

Health Care Administration

Do you like coordinating complex organizational systems, and working with people to better their lives? If so, you might consider the field of health care administration. Health care is of great importance in our economy, and increasingly so because people live longer than they ever did throughout history. Healthcare is not just about...

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Coastline - Degrees and Certificates

Degrees and Certificates

Coastline Community College awards the degree of Associate in Arts for Transfer, and Associate in Science for Transfer. The degree is designed to provide students with the necessary skills to compete successfully in a culturally diverse and global job market. Among these are the ability to think and to communicate clearly and effectively both orally and in writing; to use...

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Eastern Oklahoma State College | Degree Programs

Forestry Technology (Associate in Applied Science)���

Horticulture (Associate in Science)���

Meat Processing and Food Safety (Associate in Applied Science and Certificate)

Ranch Management - Stocker Operations (Associate in Applied Science)�

Behavioral and Social Sciences

The Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences, located in Mitchell Hall with offices also in Gunning and Baker...

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What does AA stand for as an academic degree - Answers.com

AA as an academic degree stands for Associates of Arts.

The difference between Associates of Arts, Associates of Science, and Associates of Applied Science:

Associate degrees fall into three main areas.

Associates of Arts (AA)

Associates of Science (AS)

Associates of Applied Science (AAS)

Each of the above degrees is designed to be completed after two years of studyas a full-time student and...

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Texas Nutritionist Degree | Nutrition Jobs and Salary ...

Motivational interviewing and health communication

Obesity and weight management

Program planning and implementation

Degree Options for Health Coaches - Associate's, Bachelor's, and Master's Degrees

Texas is home to a large number of choices of relevant degree programs at every level. In addition to campus-based education you can also find related degrees offered online. If you...

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Online Learning | Online Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science - Business Administration

This fully online program is designed to allow students entering with a Washington Associates' Business DTA, to complete a Business Administration degree with a General Business Specialization. This program can accommodate a variety of preferred course loads, from part time students to full-time students. Full-time students could finish in as little...

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Mercy Health Appoints Creighton B. Wright, Jr. Vice ...


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Mercy Health, a Catholic Health Ministry serving Ohio and Kentucky, announces that it has appointed Creighton B. Wright, Jr. Vice President of Real Estate and Property Management. Wright assumes the role from John Brownrigg, who now leads the construction and design team for Mercy Health's southern...

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Top Online Medical Assistant Programs & Schools for 2017

High school diploma; certificate (9 months to a year) recommended


$28,900 (Lowest 10% earned less than $20,810; highest 10% earned more than $40,190)




In addition to the administrative duties that all medical assistants perform, specialized medical assistants complete clinical tasks in specific areas of medicine. For example, ophthalmic...

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Website: http://topmedicalassistantprograms.org