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57 Accredited Healthcare Administration Schools in California



The number of students graduating from the 63 accredited healthcare administration schools in California is decreasing. In 2006 there were 2,374 healthcare administration graduates from healthcare administration courses in California and in 2010 there were 2,159 graduates.

Thus there was a 9% percent decrease in the number of healthcare administration school degree or certificate graduates in California. Most of these graduates, or 36%, earned a undergraduate certificate in healthcare administration.

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16 Accredited Healthcare Management Schools in Texas

In 2006, 468 students graduated from healthcare management courses in Texas. And in 2010, 124 students graduated.

Thus there was a 74% percent decrease in the number of healthcare management school degree or certificate graduates in Texas. 42% of these graduates received an bachelor's degree in healthcare management.

Healthcare Management Faculty Salaries in Texas

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Healthcare Administration Jobs

Healthcare Administration Jobs

People in healthcare administration jobs work to ensure the delivery of reliable and high-quality health services by coordinating resources, addressing questions and concerns, keeping records, and providing organizational leadership for all...  [more...]

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Online Healthcare Administration Degree Program & Courses

Online Healthcare Administration Degree Program

Online Healthcare Administration Degree Program

When you earn an online Healthcare Administration degree program from DeVry University, you can gain the knowledge and business skills that can be applied in the healthcare policy and technological landscape sectors. The online bachelor's in Healthcare Administration degree program with specialization in� Healthcare Management �is taught by seasoned professors who are practitioners in their field and can provide the insight you need to become successful in your...  [more...]

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Job opportunities after MBA in Healthcare Management ...

MBA in Healthcare Management?

I completed 2.I want to join a college of health care management,now can i join a college.

What are the circumstances to join a good college?What about the job oppertunities and the salary in Kerala?Can you suggest some good colleges in Kerala.Then also say about the fees.

Re: Job opportunities after MBA in Healthcare Management?

Hello friend ,


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Top 6 Online Health Administration Degree Programs for 2018

Many of the best online health administration degree programs can be completed entirely online, without any campus visits required.

How We Rank Online Health Management and Health Administration Degree Programs

Online colleges and health administration degree programs vary widely in terms of quality, name recognition, and value. To assist those looking for an accredited online health...  [more...]

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Health Administration Degree – MHSA – Mississippi College

Mississippi College understands that working adults are often juggling multiple responsibilities; that is why our MHSA program is offered fully online as well as in the evening.

If you are interested in pursuing healthcare administration in Mississippi, contact Mississippi College's� admissions department �today for more information.�

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Healthcare Administration Colleges - Campus Explorer

Healthcare Administration Colleges

Healthcare Administration Colleges

A degree in Healthcare Administration will prepare you for a career in the fast-growing Health & Medical Services field. This major is good for students interested in health, but not interested in dealing will blood or patients. Healthcare Administration majors learn how to keep a medical office running smoothly, maintain...  [more...]

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Healthcare Administration- Historical Background

Healthcare Administration- Historical Background

As a Masters of Healthcare Administration student, you are preparing yourself to enter into the field of Healthcare Administration, because of the endless career opportunities, flexibility and room for growth it offers.

But the Healthcare Administration field wasn't always this prosperous or developed. In fact, up until the earlier part of the 20th...  [more...]

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Healthcare Administration - Salary, Training, Schools, Job ...

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Healthcare Administration Salary

The medical administration salary median is a little over $84,000. The lowest 10% of health services administration salaries earned less than $51,000, while the highest 10% earned over $144,000. Earnings for healthcare administrators can vary significantly depending on the experience level of the manager and their given level of responsibility.

The size and type of facility where the healthcare manager is employed also factors significantly into compensation. Those who worked in offices with six or less physicians earned a little under $87,000 on average. Other...  [more...]

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Master of Science in Health Administration Career Outlook

Health Administration Salaries and Job Growth

Medical health and service managers earn a median income of $94,500 and have an expected growth rate of 17 percent.1

Average annual salaries in health informatics range from $61,050 to $92,819.2

What Does a Health Administrator Do?

Health administrators handle the business side of health care, so roles and responsibilities can vary widely. Some handle specific tasks, such as guiding the implementation of new systems (such as electronic health records) or organizational processes that...  [more...]

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